What sets me apart from other fitness professionals

What makes me unique and special is my love for writing workouts.  I love to sit down and just watch workout videos.  I love to sort through different exercises looking for something new and grouping it with a different format and intensity to set it apart from the rest.  We don’t just do the basic moves.  We switch up the time, the weight, the intensity of each set.  Writing workouts and being creative in how I teach the girls every day is what I love.  In 2 years I have not used the same workout twice.  Every night I sit down and write a new workout for the next day.  Nothing is ever the same.  Being creative about how I can push my ladies hard and give them the best workout is my goal.

Fitness Challenge

Fitness Challenges

My fitness challenges are 4 days a week.  I do class on Mon, Tue, Wed, and Fridays.  I do all classes on a private Facebook group for the ladies that sign up.  I go live every morning at 4:30 am and if that’s too early they have access to that workout anytime the rest of the day.  Also, any missed workout can be done throughout the challenge. You have access to each workout for the whole challenge time.  The only equipment needed for class is a set of dumbbells to challenge your fitness level.  All fitness levels are welcomed.  I go hard but I will always give you modifications to use if you are just starting out. My goal is to get you moving and your heart rate up for the whole 30 minutes.  You make this your workout and I am here to guide you and push you.  Also, accountability is key.  After each workout, you will comment done and let me know that you got your 30 min for that day. I will always acknowledge your hard work and motivate you every day!  Everyone likes to be supported and encouraged to keep going.

6 minute 6 pack

6 Minute 6 Pack Challenges

After over a year of fitness classes, I always had a lot of interest in abs from the ladies in class.  So I thought why not take just a few minutes each day and focus only on core work.  So with 6 min 6 pack we work on our core for 6 minutes.  I go live on Facebook with this challenge also but you can access it at any time.  We do core during workouts but this gives you 6 min to burn that core and focus on core strength just a little more.  It’s amazing what 6 min can do if you stay consistent with it.  A strong core with make your lifts stronger and also just improve your daily activities.  This has been a great addition to my program.

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